Datapages Board of Directors


All directors of the Datapages, Inc., Board of Directors are confirmed by the Executive Committee of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and serve a three-year term. Directors are allowed to succeed themselves for multiple terms, at the pleasure of AAPG who represents the shareholders of the Corporation.


Richard D. Fritz, Chairman
SM Energy
Tulsa, OK
David M. Casey
Oxfordshire, UK
James B. Blankenship, President
AAPG Headquarters
Tulsa, OK
William G. Dickson
Dickson International Geosciences
Houston, TX
David Lange, Treasurer
AAPG Headquarters
Tulsa, OK
Bret J. Fossum
Moscow, Russia
  Peter M. MacKenzie
Ohio Oil and Gas Association
Worthington, OH
  Peter M. Wigley
Devonshire, UK