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Staff Contacts

Ronald Hart
Datapages Manager
Phone: (918) 560-9429
E-mail Ron Hart

Valerie Lindsey
Customer Service Representative
Phone: (918) 560-9423
E-mail Valerie Lindsey

Sandra PaskVan
Archives Database
Phone: (918) 560-2629
E-mail Sandra PaskVan

Eric Jones
Sr. GIS Developer
Phone: (918) 560-9402
Email Eric Jones

Jackie Berryman
Cartographic/Geologic Intern
Phone: (918) 560-2614
Email Jackie Berryman

Mary Kay Grosvald
Search and Discovery Administrative Editor
Phone: (918) 560-2656
E-mail Mary Kay Grosvald

Ann Hutchison
Search and Discovery Editorial Assistant
Phone: (918) 560-2610
E-mail Ann Hutchison