Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the World (Compiled by M.K. Horn)


AAPG Datapages and the AAPG GIS Publications Committee wish to thank Dr. M. K. (Mike) Horn for allowing his Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the World GIS project to be posted on Datapages' GIS Open Files page, thereby making it available to the public as a free download.

This compilation shows key information about most of the largest known hydrocarbon accumulations in the world. Specific data include discovery year, hydrocarbon volumes, trap type, geologic age, reservoir lithology, and classification into global basin and geologic province domains. Also included is an extensive reference listing. This dataset complements several AAPG memoirs and series publications that address giant oil and gas fields.

Please note: This project is available in three formats: Shapefile, Geodatabase, and ArcReader.
(The Shapefile and Geodatabase formats require GIS software; ArcReader uses free software that can be downloaded here.)