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Use of Surface Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration
29 November 2016 | Houston, Texas, United States | To identify and utilize additional tools to find conventional oil and gas in mature to unexploited basins. We will evaluate workflows for evaluating the technologies used in surface geochemistry and will discuss the caveats and pitfalls in their application and implementation. We will also incorporate the integration of surface geochemistry with geological and geophysical tools.
Working with Drone Data 101
30 November 2016 | Houston, Texas, United States | Drone usage is taking off thanks in part to recent regulatory changes and technological advancements. Organizations are increasingly turning to drones to complete mapping and surveying applications. This course is a primer on processing UAS acquired data, and leveraging it in common business platforms such as ArcGIS, Google Earth, SketchFAB and others. Students are encouraged to bring their own challenges to the course.
New Opportunities with Drones: New Needs, FAA Rule Changes, New Technologies
1-2 December 2016 | Houston, Texas, United States | This workshop will bring together experts, equipment providers, robotics experts, and others knowledgeable in a wide range of commercial drone usage, which includes monitoring in the oil industry, digital outcrop surveying, safety and security monitoring, utility inspection, real estate, agriculture, construction, environmental protection, and more.