About AAPG Datapages


Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Datapages, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), a non-profit organization serving the needs of petroleum geology professionals and students worldwide. Acting as the digital publisher for AAPG and the geoscience community, Datapages archives and catalogs geological publications and offers them for purchase in multiple electronic formats, including the services of the Archives, Search and Discovery, and GIS-UDRIL.

Why AAPG Datapages?

Datapages endeavors to make geological publications accessible. The information contained in these publications can have a longer shelf life than the bound documents themselves. Over the years, books go out of print and become rare, or they suffer the ravages of moths and mildew. As a result, a great deal of valuable geological information is lost. To combat this loss, Datapages digitally captures geological publications and archives them to electronic media, thereby ensuring their future viability by making them indispensable to the geological professionals who need them most. By doing this, publications are easily accessible, searchable, and affordable.

History of Datapages

While the idea of providing digital publications and data began years earlier, the digitization of AAPG Bulletins and Special Publications became a primary focus in the early 1990s. Other publishers were soon added to the digital library now known as the Archives. As the rapidly evolving technology grew, the possibility of delivering the electronic library by internet was established and formed the basis of what has grown to over a million documents.

The 1990s also introduced GIS technology as a way to digitize geologic maps. In 2002, the name “GIS-UDRIL” was created for this digital mapping project. It began with a database of oil and gas fields and over the years has been refined and expanded to include digital databases and georeferenced maps from all over the world.

Search and Discovery became AAPG and Datapages’ free online journal for upstream energy explorationists in early 2000. Since the original posted company reports, reprints of published articles, and submitted material, Search and Discovery has become the home of the AAPG meeting abstracts along with over 52,000 articles and audio-visuals.