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Discovery Series Tutorials 10 & 15

Over the years our geosciences community has proven that when we navigate challenging times together, we emerge more resilient than before. Use this time to hone your knowledge and skills to help prepare for the now, the next, and the new normal.


Courtesy of AAPG and AAPG Datapages, two Discovery Series data sets have been donated at no charge for use as online teaching materials. Discovery Series 10 – Sandstone Petrology: A Tutorial Petrographic Image Atlas 2nd Edition and Discovery Series 15 – Carbonate Petrology: Interactive Petrography Tutorial, both authored by Kitty Milliken, have been posted online for easy accessibility.


Discovery Series 10

This tutorial offers the beginning student of sedimentary petrology an overview of the major constituents of sandstones as seen, primarily, through the petrographic microscope. The focus is on the practical aspects of constituent identification and interpretation.

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Discovery Series 15

This tutorial is devoted to giving students practice with identification of features in thin sections of carbonate rocks, viewed with the polarizing light microscope. The focus is on observation, identification, and interpretation.

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About the Author

Kitty Milliken is a Senior Research Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology at UT Austin. She received a B.A. in geology at Vanderbilt University and completed her graduate work (M.A. and Ph.D.) at UT Austin. Her research focuses on the integration of imaging and chemical analysis to decipher the chemical and mechanical histories of sedimentary rocks. Kitty served as Co-Editor of the Journal of Sedimentary Research (2004-2008).