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Datapages Services

Datapages makes digitized documents available in multiple electronic formats through our main services: the Archives, Search and Discovery, and the GIS Map Publishing Program. Downloadable products, CDs and DVDs are also available through the AAPG Store.


The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database, known as the “Archives,” started in 1996 to provide users with easy access to thousands of documents. Since then the database has grown tremendously! Now offering papers in 41 collections from 37 geological publishers, the Archives allows users to search-and-retrieve whatever they need, all through one easy-to-use interface!

There are two different ways to access the Archives. The first option grants full access to organizations through a 12-month Archives subscription plan. For more information on subscribing, click here. (AAPG members may be eligible for a group discount. This applies to single user subscriptions only and is not available for company use. For more information about this special member offer click here to go to AAPG Members User Log In.)

The second option allows individuals to search the identical Archives for free -- and pay only for what they download -- through our transactional (pay-per-view) website. This is the optimum program for individuals or small organizations who do not think they will have enough search volume to justify a 12-month subscription.

For a full list of our Collections see our Partners page.

Click here to go to the Archives.

Search and Discovery

Search and Discovery is a publicly accessible, online electronic journal for exploration and production geoscientists. Search and Discovery offers short papers on the latest “discovery thinking” by the industry’s most creative people, stylized papers as condensed from poster sessions at major scientific meetings, and meeting paper abstracts from all AAPG conferences and conferences of many other organizations.

Search and Discovery specializes in “gray literature,” or that “hard-to-find” information that frequently is lost or never published. Yet Search and Discovery is the most “cutting edge” of all current geoscience journals, insofar that abstracts we publish are precursors of tomorrow’s peer-reviewed paper. Our rapid publication process makes Search and Discovery an important place to showcase your ideas and the 1 million(+) annual visitors to our website ensures a receptive audience.

Click here to go to Search and Discovery.

GIS Map Publishing Program

The Datapages GIS Map Publishing Program consists of three components: DEO-GIS / Datapages Exploration ObjectsTM,  GIS-UDRIL and GIS Open Files.

Datapages Exploration Objects represents the next generation in GIS search-and-retrieval, allowing users to quickly find any map, cross-section, or other exploration element from the Archives.

GIS-UDRIL is an expansive project that provides easy access to affordable, useful geological data in georeferenced formats for use in GIS mapping applications.

A number of GIS files are available to the public at no charge through our GIS Open Files page.