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GIS Author Resources

The AAPG, under the direction and guidance of the AAPG GIS Publications Committee and AAPG Datapages, is building a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) / spatial library comprised of peer-reviewed Global Framework, Geothematic and Geographic themed projects. Authors are encouraged to submit proposals using the information and tools on this page.

To be considered for GIS publication, projects should have direct application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-related mineral resources, or be related to environmental geology or associated economic issues. Projects may be stand-alone or included as part of a more comprehensive print publication.

Completed projects will qualify as citable and will be published on the GIS Open Files Page.  

A GIS publication is formally accepted only after it is peer-reviewed by the AAPG GIS Publications Committee and a formal acceptance letter is issued by the AAPG.

We appreciate your interest in publishing with AAPG!

James McDonald
Chairman, AAPG GIS Publications Committee
Columbus, OH
+1 (614) 772-9003


  1. Download and complete the Author Submission Form. Click here to download the form.
  2. Contact the  for details about how to submit a zip file of your project.


The following list of resources has been prepared to aid you in preparation of your GIS Publication Project.

  1. GIS Feature / Attribute Templates. Download 
  2. Global Chronostratigraphic Time Scale Feature / Attribute Template. Download
  3. Information regarding selection and querying of global coordinate reference systems can be found at: http://www.epsg-registry.org/ . See the guidance notes to get started.
  4. Metadata - the Author Submission Form contains the minimum level of required metadata for each published project. However, authors are encouraged to submit more complete metadata information if available. Metadata standards and various metadata tools can be found on the Federal Geologic Data Committee (FGDC) website at: http://www.fgdc.gov/. Providing a minimum level of metadata for your project is important for efficient searching and for proper definition of the projection system.
  5.  Batch Metadata editors - to help streamline the process of publishing GIS data:
  6. Additional GIS project and database design standards can be found here.
  7. United States Geological Survey (USGS) standards for color and symbol selection can be found here: http://pubs.usgs.gov/tm/2005/11B01/

Peer Review Process

Once a project is completed and submitted, the GIS Publications Committee will coordinate a peer review of (a minimum of) three reviewers. At least one reviewer will be a GIS specialist, and the other reviewer(s) will have a background in the geoscience subject matter appropriate to the publication project.

Authors are encouraged to recommend suitable candidates as peer reviewers; however, author-nominated reviewers will require approval by the GIS Publications Committee Chairman.

Data Transfer and Management

Digital data associated with a proposed project will be managed and shared using an AAPG password-protected and limited-access secure FTP site. Information about the FTP site location and passwords will be provided at the appropriate time. During the publication process, data confidentiality will be strictly enforced.

Funding Resources

Geoscience LogoFunding may be available to support a GIS publication project which requires further development or completion. The AAPG Foundation, in partnership with Oklahoma State University (OSU), has established the AAPG Foundation-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium, funded with a generous endowment gift from T. Boone Pickens. The Consortium can be a resource for preparation of GIS projects using cartographic services provided by the OSU Geography Department.

If your project requires funding for completion, information and qualification criteria are posted here. Please note that projects must first be submitted & accepted by the GIS Publications Committee using the Author Submission Form above.