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AAPG/OSU Consortium

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New GIS collections are being developed through the 
AAPG Foundation-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium, a partnership between the AAPG Foundation and Oklahoma State University. This partnership was created in 2008 when the AAPG Foundation received a generous $10 million endowment from Mr. Boone Pickens. The endowment created the Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund, which is earmarked to underwrite the creation of GIS publications, along with data acquisition and underlying geological research.

The Consortium exists to create, accelerate and sustain digital peer-reviewed GIS products, carried out through OSU’s Geology and Geography Departments and the AAPG GIS Publications Committee. The products will have direct application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-related mineral resources, and / or related to environmental geology or related economic issues.

Example of Projects for Funding Consideration

  • Projects with a focus on geology, energy, geography and economics
  • Those needing cartographic work (maps and derivatives including vectorization, attribution, preparation of metadata and georeferencing)
  • Research projects resulting in the creation of GIS-based databases, reports, and studies
  • Projects where copyright is released to the AAPG, or permission to publish or re-use is granted


Currently In-Progress and Completed Projects

        * Research Project

AAPG Foundation

Consortium project management is provided by AAPG Datapages on behalf of the AAPG Foundation.

Graduate Research Assistantship

Lauren WoodThe AAPG-OSU GIS Consortium also supports one graduate research assistant. This position is a senior position requiring skills and knowledge beyond that of the average undergraduate student employee. The graduate student in this position must be able to freely move between all projects, taking on any task needed to successfully complete each project. Currently this position is filled by Lauren Wood.

Lauren Wood is a second year masters student in the Department of Geography at Oklahoma State University. She completed her BS in Geography (also from OSU), May 2014. Lauren has a strong background in physical geography with a current focus on wind power site location and development.

Lauren has worked on multiple projects since she started August 2014.

For the Geological Highway Maps for Texas project, Lauren helped digitize and attribute the plate tectonics, faults, surface rocks and the geologic interest points maps. 

On the Pennsylvania Digital Oil and Gas Mapping project,  Lauren helped fill out the metadata on georeferenced tiff files as well as checking to make sure that the pool attributes were correct.  She cut the polygons and pools when they crossed into another field and updated their field location in their attribute table, and then checked to make sure that the pool buffers did not overlap with each other.  

For the North American Plate Tectonics project, Lauren helped digitize and attribute the plate tectonics for North America. 

On the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists project, Lauren checked for errors in the Excel files and then created an ArcMap document for each of the eleven geodatabases. She then added and grouped the tiff images and their feature classes by their feature datasets so that they could be digitized

Student Employees

OSU Cartography Services currently employs undergraduate students to work on the AAPGF-OSU GIS Consortium projects.

Hayden Harrison - Hayden utilizes ArcGIS to digitize the tectonic features of the Geological Highway Map-Northern Rocky Mountain. She began working on this project in April of 2016. Hayden grew up in various cities throughout the Midwest and now attends Oklahoma State University where she is a junior studying to complete her Bachelor of Science in Geography. With a future career plan in urban planning and development, Hayden is studying to complete a Certificate of GIS at Oklahoma State as well. When she is not working or studying for upcoming exams, Hayden enjoys spending time outside with her Blue Heeler, Echo, and rock climbing with friends and family.

Brooke Bastie

Brooke Bastie – Brooke has returned from the summer break and is currently working on the Geologic Highway Map for the PSW digitizing ocean contour lines using ArcGIS. Brooke was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is a current student at Oklahoma State University and is working towards completing a Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish, and a Bachelor of Science in Geography. In the future, Brooke is looking at interning for National Geographic where she would like to write articles for the magazine.

John Hall

John Hall – John is new to the project and the department of geography having been enrolled since the fall of 2016. John has returned to OSU to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Geoinformation Science after completing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations in May of 2015. John uses ArcMap to digitize fault lines on the Plate Tectonics of North America project. He is a native of Drumright, Oklahoma, but has been living in Stillwater since 2011 while attending Oklahoma State University.

GIS Specialist

Clay BarrettThe AAPG-OSU GIS Consortium supports a GIS Specialist staff position at Oklahoma State University's Cartography Services.  The GIS Specialist, Clay Barrett, coordinates and manages the various GIS projects in development at OSU. Clay Barrett is an Oklahoma State University alum with a Master of Science in Geography and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. The topic of his thesis was remote sensing of water quality in eastern Oklahoma using Landsat. Prior to becoming the GIS Specialist for Cartography Services he spent eleven years managing the local specialty food store. Clay lives on a small acreage in the country with his wife and son.