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Layers for ArcMap 9.x and 10.x

Download these small layer files to your desktop PC and use them in ArcMap by adding them (with the Add tool) just as you would any local data. Each layer has hyperlinks that point to data housed on our ArcIMS Server. You can also save the layers as shape files to your local drive by using the Export function within ArcMAP.


Atlas of 3D International Case Studies
bhistor.lyr Burial Histories Database
cores.lyr Cores Database
fields.lyr Oil and Gas Fields Database (link to database)
lowresist.lyr Atlas of Well Logs of Low Resistivity/Contrast Reservoirs (link to database)
reservoirs.lyr Reservoir Database (link to database)
saltdomes1.lyr Salt Domes/Salt Structures Atlas (link to database)
seislines.lyr Seismic Lines - Lines (link to database)
seispts.lyr Seismic Lines - Midpoints (link to database)

You can also add the 174 raster image layers for the Gulf of Mexico to your project. Simply add the "GOMCOMP" service found on our ArcIMS server at gisudril.aapg.org

A tutorial on adding GIS server based data to ArcMap can be found on ESRI's Website Here.

Note: to use any of the data mentioned above you must be a GIS-UDRIL subscriber. In most cases, your company's public IPs have been setup on our server to allow automatic access. In some cases, you may need to enter your company's login credentials.