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North America

Black Shales Atlas: Barnett Shale

Black Shales Atlas: Eastern United States (Including Gas Shale)

Black Shales Atlas: Eastern US/Williston Basin (Including Gas Shale)

Black Shales Atlas: Paleozoic in USA and Canada (Part 1)

Black Shales Atlas: Paleozoic in USA and Canada (Part 2)

Black Shales Atlas: Upper Devonian Shales in West Virginia (Including Gas Shale)

Black Shales Atlas: Western Canada (Including Gas Shale)

Coalbed Methane Atlas (USA)

Coalbed Methane Resources Atlas (USA) (Limerick, 2008)

Geothermal Map of North America, 2004

Gulf and Peninsular Provinces of the Californias Atlas

Mississippi River Commission Report, 1944

Montana Atlas (Phase 1)

New Mexico Atlas

North America Atlas: Gravity, Geothermal and Tectonic Maps of North America

Northeastern Oklahoma Atlas

Oklahoma Atlas

Tectonic Map of North America, 1996

Tectonic Map of the United States, 1962

Western Canada Atlas (Part 2) (Part 1 being revised)

Wyoming Atlas

Stratigraphic Atlas: North and Central America by Shell, 1975 (Parts I-II)

Atlas of Vectorized Structure Maps of Oil and Gas fields: Louisiana (Part I)

Petroleum Geology of the Mid-Continent Atlas


Salt Tectonism of the U.S. Gulf Coast Basin (Map Authored by John Lopez)

Worldwide Coverage

Geological Provinces by USGS

World Atlas Release 14

Maps of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Impact Craters & Plate Tectonics along with Ocean Gravity Fields

Salt Structures Worldwide

Sedimentary Provinces (Basins)

Tectonic Map of the World, 2007 (Compiled by A.W. Bally)

South Atlantic Margins Atlas

Magnetic Lineations of the World's Oceans

Miscellaneous International

Southeast Asia Atlas: Geological and Structural Maps with Cross Sections

Libya Atlas

Arabian Plate Atlas