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February 2016 Datapages UPDATE: Download Entire Books, Save Money

Datapages and AAPG Publications announced this month a program to convert out-of-print book titles, and eventually all AAPG book titles, to a single downloadable file that can be purchased on-demand at the AAPG Store. This will benefit all users, but especially geologists who live outside North America, saving delivery time and shipping expense.

Only 3 titles have been converted to downloadable files at the time of this newsletter, but the team plans to have more than 50 available by summer of 2016.

“Historically, when a title goes out-of-print, AAPG allowed Datapages to offer the digital files as a single-title collection of papers on DVD. In this way, the book never really went out-of-print,” said Karla Jodoin, marketing manager for AAPG Books.

“But using DVD as a medium is less popular as broadband internet becomes more widely available,” she added, “and DVDs still have to be mailed through international delivery systems, adding cost to the purchase price.”

Although the technology for this has been around a long time, many of the publication files are so large (hundreds of megabytes) the time required to download an entire book was a deterrent, and many company networks forbade employees from making large downloads because it consumed too much bandwidth. Now systems are friendlier, bandwidth is cheaper, and compression software can make a full publication into a single, much smaller file.

The out-of-print titles will be sold at prices that represent savings compared to purchase of the original book, but pricing will be set on a title-by-title basis. All documents are prepared as PDF files from the original published paper, then all are zipped into a single downloadable file.

Of course, all the papers in a publication have been available in the Datapages Archives database from the date of their first publication, but a user had to purchase each paper individually to get the full book. Now the customer can get all the related papers in a single purchase.”

Watch this newsletter for announcements of new titles placed online each month.