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August 2015 Datapages UPDATE- Pacific, Australia, Utah

Pacific, Australia, Utah

2015 is the Year of the Pacific Basin at Datapages.  Last month we announced publications from SEAPEX would become part of our Archives and DEO databases before the end of this year.  Next month, we hope to announce three more new global partners at our key conference at Melbourne (AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition).

In other news, AAPG Datapages completed in August the georectification of more than 2,000 maps and sections from the Utah Geological Association (UGA) publications – mostly from papers about the Rocky Mountains, USA.  These will be posted to the live collection by the first week in September.

See the DEO, Have a Beer on Us

Anyone who visits our exhibit at Melbourne ICE and participates in a DEO presentation can enjoy a cold barley pop on us!  This is your best chance to preview all the new content in Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO), AAPG’s new GIS-based search-and-retrieval platform.

On the Road with Datapages

September 13-16, AAPG/SEG International Conference & Exhibition (Melbourne) – Datapages will demonstrate Archives and DEO at this year’s ICE meeting at Melbourne.  Talk to our sales staff about scheduling a webinar for your company.

September 20-22, AAPG Eastern Section (Indianapolis) – Editors from Search and Discovery will attend to meet speakers and poster presenters and answer questions about publishing your paper online.  Also visit the AAPG Center booth for information about AAPG Member discounted subscriptions.

October 4-6, AAPG Midcontinent Section (Tulsa) – All Datapages staff will attend to meet our friends and answer questions about Archives, DEO and Search and Discovery.  Editors from Search and Discovery will be available to discuss publishing online with speakers and poster presenters.



Texas Geologic Highway Map (2015 edition)

 Work on the Texas Geologic Highway Map (2015 edition) is nearing completion. Datapages expects the map release by mid-October for the GIS version of the map, where the printed version may take longer for delivery.

With sponsorship from the Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund, in the AAPG Foundation, the entire AAPG Geological Highway Map series is under revision with the dual goals of: (1) refreshing the interpretation and land/highway base, and (2) creating a GIS formatted version for database users.

John Minch, of Mission Viejo, CA, is the project lead.

Working with Datapages, Minch and others created a revised edition of the Southern Rocky Mountains Geological Highway Map in 2013, but that map edition was not completed in GIS formats.  It is only a refreshed edition of the historical map product.  Minch says the Team plans to revisit the Southern Rocky map at the end of the project and create a GIS file.

After publication of the Texas map later this year, Datapages expects a revision and GIS version of the Midcontinent Geological Highway map by the end of 2015.  Other maps in production (at various stages) include: Northern Great Plains, and Pacific Southwest.