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Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO)

Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO) represents the next generation in search-and-retrieval. The user now has the ability to quickly find any map, cross-section, or other exploration element and download it to his own desktop already in a GIS georeferenced or geolocated format.

A classified index of figures is the key to unlocking DEO's potential. Not only does it show where all similar maps, lines, figures, and tables, etc., are within the AAPG database, but also the caption text and associated metadata allows the object to contain other information that more narrowly defines its use (age, depth, lithology, etc.)

DEO is available to organizations as a subscription, and includes access to the Archives and GIS-UDRIL. Pricing is based on the relative size of the organization. Find out more about DEO.


GIS-UDRIL (GIS Upstream Digital Reference Information Library) is an expansive project that provides digital products and services to upstream petroleum companies. We provide easy access to affordable, useful geological data in georeferenced formats for use in GIS mapping applications.

With thousands of maps and database entries, access to GIS-UDRIL is available to organizations under a 12-month subscription plan; pricing is based on the relative size of the organization. For more information on subscribing, click . A number of GIS files are available to the public at no charge through our GIS Open Files page.

In addition to projects being created by GIS-UDRIL staff, new GIS collections are also being developed through the AAPG Foundation-OSU Geoscience GIS Consortium, a partnership between AAPG and Oklahoma State University. This partnership was created in 2008 when the AAPG Foundation received a generous $10 million endowment from Mr. Boone Pickens. The endowment created The Boone Pickens Digital Geology Fund, which is earmarked to underwrite the creation of GIS publications along with data acquisition and underlying geological research.