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GIS Open Files

The AAPG, under the direction and guidance of the GIS Publications Committee and AAPG Datapages, is building a GIS / spatial library comprised of peer-reviewed Global Framework, Geothematic and Geographic themed projects. The project files are free to the public and can be downloaded from this GIS Open Files page. Other project files are available through the subscription-based GIS-UDRIL program within AAPG Datapages.

The GIS Publications Committee consists of AAPG member geoscientists who utilize and promote the application of GIS technology and methodologies in petroleum and environmental geosciences. You can learn more about the committee's mission and find out how to volunteer to become a committee member or reviewer here. Industry professional, academic and student authors are encouraged to submit GIS publication proposals for consideration. If you are interested in publishing a GIS project with the AAPG, please click here for information regarding author resources, publications standards and funding options.

Global Framework

ExxonMobil Geologic GIS Feature/Attribute Templates

CGG – Sedimentary basins of the world

Tectonic Map of the World, 2007  (Compiled by A.W. Bally)

Global Heat Flow Database of the International Heat Flow Commission 


Geologic Assessment of Coal in the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain, U.S.A.

Global Impact Craters (Compiled by David Rajmon)


Database of the Geologic Map of North America

Geopressure Gradient Maps of Southern Louisiana,State and Vicinity

Oil and Gas Well Information for Nevada, 2011 Update

Regional Pressure in the Gulf of Mexico Basin, by Lauri A. Burke, USGS

Reservoirs & Petroleum Systems of the Gulf Coast, by Janet Pitman USGS

Sedimentary Successions of the Arctic Region by Grantz, et al. 2010 -- Second Edition

Tectonic Map of Mexico (Compiled by Ricardo Padilla)

The Wilcox Group & Carrizo Sand in East-Central TX

Oil and Gas Fields and Pools of Pennsylvania: 1859 – 2011

Devonian Shales of the Appalachian Basin GIS Dataset

GIS Resources

Earth Science and Energy GIS Resources on the Internet